Machine Options: Hole Drilling & EDM Threding

Options for AS 320 & AS 430 CNC

Machine Options for Hole Drilling & EDM Threading 

Our Portfolio includes two EDM Start Hole Drilling Machines specialized on hole drilling & EDM Threading: AS 320 CNC & AS 430 CNC. Both machines work with a high-performance generator, which enables qaulity & speed. We offer a variety of machine options for the AS 320 & AS 430. Here you can find an overview of the possible machine options, as for example erosive small hole drilling & EDM Threading.

We are happy to advise you with out machine options and are available internationally. We can offer you the most individual solutions and customizations due to systematic individual in-house control system developments, constructions and designs. 

AGEMA Electrode Changer

40-fold Tool Changer
Automatic electrode changer (ATC) as well as guide changer (GC) for electrodes from Ø 0,3 mm for a greater automation

AGEMA Germany Made In Germany

12/18-fold Tool Changer
Automatic electrode changer (ATC) for electrodes from Ø 0,3 mm
Second high-precision guide

Second guide, which increase process stability, accuracy and removal rate. Drillings with a larger aspect ratio can be eroded. More information.

AGEMA Germany Gewinde Feinbohren

Sinker EDM, e.g. EDM Threading

EDM Threading / EDM Tapping can be made due to predefined Sinker EDM Technologies.  

AGEMA Stanzbiegeteile

Small Hole Drilling

A small hole drilling module for micro drillings with d < 0,30 mm.
Contact us for a testpart free of cost!

AGEMA Options EDM Start Hole Drilling Machine

Fifth or Further Axes

E.g. CNC-controlled dividers as fifth axis.
Up to eight axes possible.


The handbox can be used additionally to operate the machine. It can be used to move the axes.

AGEMA Machine Options: Erosive Fine Drilling & Thread Sinking

Remote Maintenance

Our service team can perform remotely diagnostics on your machine to help you as quickly as possible. Remote maintenance also leads to reduction in service costs for you.

AGEMA Machine Options: Erosive Fine Drilling & Thread Sinking

OPC UA-Server

Output of all operating conditions, depending on the requirements.

Clamping systems & Electrode holders

Various clamping systems can be used on AGEMA EDM machines. These can be used for fast and precise changing of different electrode diameters or also for linking several machines.

AGEMA TBH EDM Machines Options Erosive Fine Drilling Eroding

Extraction and Filter Systems

With this system process-related vapors and gases can be removed directly from the working area – in accordance with the guidelines and regulations for air pollution control at workplaces.

Centering microscope Keyence AGEMA EDM

Centering Microscope

A centering microscope can be helpful in the case of increased precision requirements for regular control and adjustment of the center position when changing the electrode guide. It can also be used for the contactless recording of workpiece references for small and touch-sensitive workpieces.

We are looking forward to consult and advise you with the machine options and customizations.
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