AGEMA Germany: Micro Drilling & Thread Sinking on One Precision EDM Machine

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AGEMA Germany: Erosive Fine Drilling & Thread Sinking on One EDM Start Hole Drilling Machine

Erosive Micro Drilling & Thread Sinking:

AGEMA Germany combines Erosive Hole Drilling and Die Sinking on one Precision EDM Machine.

All details about our Precision EDM Start Hole Drilling Machines are here:

AS 320
AS 430
Präzisions-Startlocherodiermaschine Mikrobohren Gewinde Senken

About AGEMA Germany

AGEMA Germany GmbH ist a family-run, medium-sized company from Southern Germany. We are specialized in fine drilling and thread sinking on one Precision EDM machine.

  • in-house design & development

  • individual solutions & adaptation

  • joint tests & parameter development with the customer

  • young, dynamic & future-oriented team

  • international sales partner network

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Precision EDM Startholedrilling machines Made in Germany

We have high demands when it comes to quality and precision of our Precision EDM Start Hole Drilling Machines. We therefore offer you a CNC Start Hole Drilling Machine „Made in Germany“: from first designs to completion.

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We are leading manufacturer of innovative and high-precision EDM Start Hole Drilling Machines. AGEMA has its origins in Switzerland. Here the machines used to be manufactured under the name of AGEMA Swiss.

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We genuinely care for our customers. Therefore we offer you a distinct and exquisite support throughout the entire operating time of your machines. We offer you an allround-service for your AGEMA machine. Find the matching operating resources and spare parts. Call us or visit our Digital Service Store.

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Our longlasting AGEMA EDM Start Hole Drilling Machines are also suitable for fine bores < 0,30 mm. Find out more about the AGEMA advantages.

AGEMA Germany Made In Germany
Why AGEMA Germany?
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The AGEMA Germany Technologies

The AS 320 & AS 430 are used for erosive high speed and micro drilling, as well as for thread sinking. 

Convince yourself on this example video of the fine bores 0.15 mm into carbide.

AGEMA Germany EDM Machines produce non-destructive drilling holes with high surface quality.

Hole Drilling as technology enables:

  • start holes: electrode diameters from 0.30 up to 10.00 mm

  • micro drill holes: electrode diameters from 0.06 to 0.30 mm

  • functional drill holes, also at an acute angle to the workpiece axis

  • precision drill holes in carbide and steel with a proven minimal damage of the material

  • high accuracy of the drill holes (position, straightness, cylindricity)

  • high ablation speed

AGEMA Machines are also suitable to perform Die Sinking Applications:

  • planetary deviation for expansion, e.g. manufacturing of fittings
  • thread sinking in carbide and steel on the basis of predefined technologies e.g. M3 to M8

  • realisation of a variety of roughness levels in the sinking process

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