EDM Precisiondrilling in Carbide

Examples of use

AGEMA Elektrode EDM

EDM Precisiondrilling in Carbide

  • EDM Precisiondrilling in Carbide
  • Cooling holes in taps with coating without damage
  • Drilling holes, e.g. in carbide cutter with an angle of approx. 10° or smaller
  • Drilling holes > 40 mm with an electrode diameter ≥ 0,2 mm
  • Drilling holes > 60 mm with an electrode diameter ≥ 0,3 mm
  • Blind holes with precise depth

Insert Threads into Carbide

Our special area are EDM machines for erosive high-speed drilling and thread sinking on one machine
Carbide and hardened steel can therefore be threaded and countersunk. Furthermore, this can also be used to expand holes and thus produce highly accurate diameters.

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AGEMA Germany Gewinde Feinbohren

EDM Precisiondrilling in Carbide & Start Hole Drilling in the Toolmaking

AGEMA Germany Startlochbohrungen

Start hole drilling for precision stamped parts

Electronics, e.g. plugs

During erosive drilling on the AGEMA machine, microcracks are reduced to a minimum. For this purpose, we use special erosion technologies and erode with oil as dialectric.

Extruder for synthetic granules manufacturing

AGEMA Germany Extruder

Micro Drillings


Micro drillings & fine holes ≤ Ø 0.3 mm for stamped parts

e.g. automotive, medical technology


AGEMA Stanzbiegeteile
AGEMA Startlocherodieren in Hartmetall

Examples for micro drillings

  • Reproducibly drillings in carbide:
        • electrode diameter Ø 0,15 mm
        • final measurements of all bores ≤ Ø 0,20 mm
  • The AGEMA special feature: Gap dimension of the holes is < 0,05 mm, due to the expansion of the generator and the hydrostatically guidance of the electrode within the bore
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